Description: Rami is highly rated in La Liga. (©GettyImages)Adil Rami wound up getting foot blisters after performing a popular dance routine according to the London Metro.

The 27-year-old angered officials at a Spanish club, after video footage was seen of the France international taking part in the dance acts of Psy. Fans of the Valencia defender are said to be upset with his injury setback. Reports in the Spanish Media say that Rami is unable to train due to severe blistersall over his feet, which can be a result of his dancing.

Having blisters on your feet can cause discomfort, and lead to pain. If you believe you have a foot blister and are experiencing pain the affected area it is best to seek a podiatrist such as Dr. Michael Wynn of Foot Care Associates of Texas, P.A can examine your feet and work with you to provide the appropriate treatment options to ensure safe foot recovery.

Blisters on the Feet

When tight or ill fitting footwear is worn, many times a foot blister may develop. Blisters can even develop by constant rubbing from the shoe, often times leading to pain.

What is a Foot Blister?

A foot blister is a small pocket that is filled with fluid, forming on the upper most layer of the skin. Blisters are filled with clear fluid, and may lead to drainage of blood or pus if the area has become infected.

How do they Form?

Blisters of the feet are almost always the result of shoe rubbing and constant friction of the skin and material. Long periods of walking in shoes, sandals, or boots which don’t fit properly can result in a blister. Those who often have moisture or humidity in the feet are prone to blister formation easily.

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