Angie EverhartThe model-turned-actress Angie Everhart has been hospitalized after suffering an ankle injury. The former fiancée of Joe Pesci battled thyroid cancer last year and now was treated by doctors after sustaining a rather odd foot injury. Everhart posted on Twitter:  

"I had a crazy experience this past weekend. Injured my ankle by crossing my legs too long...Wtf!?! "The crossing of my leg on my perineal nerve cause (sic) it to go to sleep, can't move my foot. No joke. Was in hospital for 3 days. I'm in a leg brace and all. Doc (sic) says it will come back but will take a few weeks. Very scary."

Ankle injuries can be incredibly painful. For expert assistance in foot and ankle care, speak to a podiatrist like Dr. Michael Wynn of Foot Care Associates of Texas. Dr. Wynn can help you identify your foot type and assist you in deciding what footwear is best for you.

What to Know About Ankle Injuries

It is very common to incur an injury to the ankle. As the point of connection from the leg and the foot, the ankle is susceptible to sprains and fractures due to its location. Ankle sprains, the most common ankle injury, occurs when the foot is twisted in an unnatural way. This unnatural twisting results in severe pain as a result of inflammation and swelling. This inflammation and swelling comes from fluid leakage into the tissues, which sensitize and place additional pressure on the nerves. Heavy blood flow also occurs, which is why swollen ankles are warm to the touch. Ankle sprains can occur by the following means:

· Sports injuries
· Slipping on stairs
· Walking on uneven ground

While ankle sprains can be minor, if you are experiencing severe pain, bone deformity, loss of sensation or even an inability to walk, it is a sure sign that you require immediate medical attention. X-rays could determine potential fractures. The ankle can experience injury in the joint, tendons, and ligaments. Anytime there is an ankle injury ice should be applied to the injured area in order to reduce inflammation. To reduce pressure, elevate the ankle above the level of the heart and apply an elastic bandage as needed.

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